Almost there...

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while (or at least since April), you know I've been doing a 100 day project. I even quickly posted about it on the blog several weeks ago here. The task was to pick something creative to do for 100 days and stick with it... for 100 days (obvi).

Anyway, I chose 100 days of 4"x4" black and white line drawings done on my ipad and I'm currently on day 68. SIXTY-EIGHT... I can't believe I've actually stuck with this for 68 days... that's 68% of the entire project - FINISHED!

I've created a specific little hashtag for this project so go check it out to see all the drawings in my series: #100daysof4x4drawings or you can follow along with me on Instagram (if you don't already) at @alabama.pen.paper

Some of them I'm not a fan of and some days I've missed it for various reasons (I've been out of town, I've had too much other stuff going on or maybe I just wasn't feelin' it that day), but for the most part I've truly enjoyed these quick little drawings.  

Now what am I going to do all 100 of them when I'm finished?