July 2019 Digital Downloads

July 2019 Digital Downloads


Laura Murray


Well I don’t know about you, but July completely snuck up on me! 

This year has been pretty mild so far - cool, wet spring, a few blasts of southern heat, but nothing too crazy… until Memorial Day (which was a SCORCHER). June wasn’t TOO bad either. I mean, we’ve had a few weeks of 90+ weather, but it’s not as bad as it could be.

July though - July is usually the month where you want ice filled glasses of sweet tea and you want to grill every night so you don’t heat up the house with the oven. It’s when an ice cold popsicle is the ONLY THING that will cool you down after a hot day outside.

It’s the month of wasting away hours sitting on the beach reading a good book (or 6) and searching for seashells.

It’s the month we celebrate our country’s birthday - which is also my Dad’s birthday, so “Happy Birthday, Dad!” It’s always fun to celebrate his birthday (and our country’s) with hotdogs, hamburgers, and fireworks!

Today’s the day that all of your fun July digital downloads will be available for purchase. I am so excited to share these super fun designs with you. One is a refresh of an older design, but the other 3 are brand new.  Download and print these 4 delightful designs as many times as you’d like. They’re perfect for early morning quiet-time activities, to keep the kiddos busy while you’re working on dinner, or to color while catching up with friends over a nice, cold glass of sweet tea while your children run around in the backyard sprinkler. 

Your July 2019 designs include some super summer drawings to color. Use your imagination coloring our fun beach balls coloring sheet. Reminisce about your last beach vacation with our beautiful seashell coloring sheet. Cool off with our nice-and-sweet popsicle coloring sheet.  Enjoy Independence Day with our fun Americana coloring sheet! All are sized to perfectly for an 8.5x11 (letter) piece of paper!

Print them all out and go to town! Mess one up? That’s ok - just print out another one!  You can print multiples so the kids don't fight over them. Print them out for your child’s Sunday School class or birthday party. You can even import them and color them on your iPad.

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About your monthly digital downloads:

  • New designs are released on the last day of the month, so check back on July 31st for August’s drawing pack.

  • You can print them out as many times as you’d like!

  • You will receive a PDF for printing and a PNG for coloring on your iPad.

  • Need some help figuring this out? Shoot me an email or go here to see if the FAQ section will help: https://www.lauramurraycreative.com/color-by-month