Finally a bit of relief...

As I write this, the temperature isn’t even supposed to get above 60° today… Fall has finally arrived!

I’ve been super inspired lately with all the pumpkins and cinnamon and apples and Starbucks ads… so I’ve been enjoying the THOUGHT of fall… and finally we’re getting a bit of cooler weather.

I’ve also been playing around with some non-traditional fall colors while creating some patterns.

I think these would make neat throw pillows for my front porch swing…

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
— F. Scott Fitzergerald

Fuel for the soul

I found myself in Huntsville, Alabama last weekend - in need of a cup of coffee on an early Saturday morning, so I pulled out my phone and typed “coffee shop” into googlemaps. Several popped up in the downtown area, but only one was open at 8 (that was remotely close to where I was headed) - the Honest Coffee Roasters.


What a beautiful coffee shop! It was light and airy. The mustard yellow leatherette chairs gave a sophisticated warmth to the stained concrete floors, black iron accents and blonde wood.

They had a small but fun menu with pastries, breakfast sandwiches and coffee drinks, but the cranberry scone with a lemon/honey glaze had my undivided attention.

And just LOOK at that beautiful cappuccino!

I was totally inspired by the cool retro vibe of the place, so I sat there and drew out a fun coffee shop mash-up. I’ve been really having fun with these food-collages lately…

Among the numerous luxuries of the may be considered as one of the most valuable. It excites cheerfulness without intoxication; and the pleasing flow of spirits which it never followed by sadness, languor or debility.
— Benjamin Franklin

Identity Crisis...

So I recently took an online business class for artists. It’s part of the Make Art That Sells series by Lilla Rogers and Beth Kempton called MATS MBA (MBA stands for “Money Bad Ass”) and they teach everything from how to charge, to how to prioritize, to how to manage your time, to how to find your creativity when the creeping crud takes hold and you can’t seem to do anything (hey, it happens to EVERYONE). I’m a creative, so every other regular “business class” I’ve taken has been hard for me to get through. This one was taught by creatives for other creatives and it was delivered in such a way that I could really get it… finally.

Well, one of the weekly lessons was all about your brand. Lilla said something during that “lesson” that I haven’t been able to get out of my head.

You are your brand and your brand is YOU!
— Lilla Rogers

When I started my business back in 2015 (holy cow - has it been 3 years already?!!!) I drew under the business name of “Alabama Pen & Paper” and that was how I marketed my drawings, my stationary, my hand drawn journals, etc. and I kept my freelance design under “Laura Murray Creative”. Not only has that gotten super confusing, but it’s not a good business model for me. Since I am my brand and my brand is me - I decided to redo my ENTIRE business as Laura Murray Creative.

With EVERY new project I design, I start with my favorite part - my sketchbook. Here is how my “new” brand started…

Untitled_Artwork 30.jpg

At this point, I loved all of them, so I showed the sketches to a few close friends who all picked something different (thanks, friends). I decided to narrowed it down to my “portrait” as the main focal-point of my “logo” since I am my brand and my brand is me.

I’ve created a 1 color logo, a black/white logo, a 2 color logo and a full color logo - one for every situation! You’ll also notice that I flip-flopped the words “Design” and “Illustration” on the final logo. I decided to LEAD with my passion - drawing. This is what I want to do more of.

Ideas for new illustrations and new illustration projects… THAT’S what keeps me up at night.

So as I transition away from Alabama Pen & Paper toward Laura Murray Creative, bare with me if some links don’t work. I’ve already switched my Instagram account (go check it out @lauramurraycreative) and Facebook is next.

PS: If you see any broken links, I would appreciate it if you would shoot me an email and let me know.

Sunny Summertime

Is there anything (other than maybe the beach) that says "summer" more than sunny sunflowers? How bright and beautiful they are. You usually think of flowers as being dainty, but not sunflowers.... some of those stalks are incredibly THICK...  they're just sturdy flowers. 

These girls had so much fun running around in the larger-than-life flowers while I took countless photos. There are plenty to choose from too - they were smiling so big that there isn't a bad picture in the bunch!


And bees LOVE THEM too! There were THOUSANDS of big fat beed buzzing around trying to suck out all the nectar. We didn't bother them and they left us alone too - they were more interested in their meal!

I was so inspired by the sunflower patch that I came straight home and drew one of the dinner plate-sized flowers for my #100daysof4x4drawings !!

Untitled_Artwork 3.JPG




Toes in the sand...

Summertime is beach time. 

I say that, but until last month, I hadn't been to the beach in WAY too long (like YEARS)... which is silly since we live to close to the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. 

Anyway, Steve had to go down to SanDestin, Florida to speak at a conference, so we decided to make a mini-trip out of it and take a friend for Maggie (since Abby was at camp). We stayed in Sandestin for 1 night and then headed to Mexico Beach, Florida (about an hour away) for a few more days. 

We walked on the beach, we ate tons of seafood, we played games at night, we never turned the tv on, we took naps, we ate sandwiches and chips under our umbrella on the beach, we swam, we played in the sand... 


We even ran into some sweet friends from home! 

One thing I had plenty of time for was painting and I'm so glad I took my travel paint bag with me. I usually carry a water brush and a few extra small brushes, watercolor pencils, my travel watercolor pallet, and some pens in my bag and it worked out perfectly! I'm an early-riser and I would go outside on the screened porch in the morning to start my daily painting and then I'd pack it up in my bag to paint on the beach too. 

When can I go back? Who wants to go with me? Let's rent a house and go spend a long weekend eating seafood and sitting on the beach painting!

I'll bring the umbrellas!!!

Almost there...

If you've been following me on Instagram for a while (or at least since April), you know I've been doing a 100 day project. I even quickly posted about it on the blog several weeks ago here. The task was to pick something creative to do for 100 days and stick with it... for 100 days (obvi).

Anyway, I chose 100 days of 4"x4" black and white line drawings done on my ipad and I'm currently on day 68. SIXTY-EIGHT... I can't believe I've actually stuck with this for 68 days... that's 68% of the entire project - FINISHED!

I've created a specific little hashtag for this project so go check it out to see all the drawings in my series: #100daysof4x4drawings or you can follow along with me on Instagram (if you don't already) at @alabama.pen.paper

Some of them I'm not a fan of and some days I've missed it for various reasons (I've been out of town, I've had too much other stuff going on or maybe I just wasn't feelin' it that day), but for the most part I've truly enjoyed these quick little drawings.  

Now what am I going to do all 100 of them when I'm finished?

Art journal play time

If you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen these either in my feed or my story. My usual black-and-white drawings are still there, but I've been playing around with bold bright colors lately in my art journals. 

Yes, I said journals plural... as in "more than one". BUT I can have multiples because I practice different techniques in each one of them. One is a reclaimed agenda that my daughter NEVER used (I am priming the pages with gesso as I go), one is a watercolor journal with super thick pages, one is a cute journal I got at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, and one is just an old book that I'm playing around with painting in. 


Everybody else uses multiple journals too, right?

Excitement Among the Fish

FLIMP Festival or BUST!

Last weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I've never done before. Actually, THREE things I've never done before...

  1. I created a sidewalk chalk drawing... on asphalt.
  2. I competed in an art competition (sidewalk chalk art).
  3. I did all this in front of other people... like PUBLIC ART... while people were watching!

So this is what I started with...


The FLIMP Festival is an art festival at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Art and it's a 2 day event. Friday is the day for chalk art and Saturday is the day they are open to the public. There are crafts, dance and musical performances, food trucks, competitions, and of course - the chalk art. I don't know how many people usually enter this competition (it was my first time), and I was contestant #111. 

So the theme this year was "Gulf Coast Jubilee" and it was based off two different  exhibits they have going on right now inside the museum. As demonstrated by the other artists, "Gulf Coast Jubilee" could be interpreted to mean many different things having to do with the gulf coast of Alabama. Mobile, Mardi Gras, beachy stuff, sea life, mermaids... I chose to interpret it in the literal sense

...Hundreds of live sea crabs and fish... completely covered the beach at Point Clear and Zundels Sunday morning. A fisherman of experience in explaining the unusual occurrence stated that it was a “jubilee”... People who saw the wild scramble of fish and crabs on the sandy beach say they won’t soon forget the sight.
— Mobile Daily Register, July 29, 1912

To me, a "Gulf Coast Jubilee" is the natural phenomenon (I LOVE that word - phenomenon) which occurs on the beaches of Mobile Bay at least one time per year. All kinds of crab, shrimp, red fish, flounder and eels will go absolutely crazy and swim ashore. It's usually in the early-dawn hours and people come from all over the place to harvest this easy-to-catch seafood! 

EXCITEMENT AMONG THE FISH—Yesterday all the fish in the bay seemed to be making for the Eastern shore. Large numbers of crabs, flounders and other fish were found at the water’s edge, and taken in out of the wet. They were counted by the bushel. Annually this phenomenon occurs with the fish along the Eastern shore. They all appear to forsake the deep water, and swim and cluster in immense numbers to the shore.
— Mobile Daily Register, July 17, 1867

If you would like to read more about the Gulf Coast Jubilee, you can go here or here, or you can watch a really cool video of it here. My piece, titled "Excitement Among the Fish" paid tribute to this natural phenomenon.

And here is the final piece - Excitement Among the Fish


And guess what..... 


So I GUESS that means I accomplished 4 new things and not just 3... Not only have I never entered an art competition (until last weekend), but I've NEVER WON either! 

MIA... update

Ok, so I'm ashamed to say that I just looked at my last blog post... and it was almost a month ago. Ooopsie. I was hoping I'd get better about the frequency of my posting, but I'm just having trouble MAKING myself sit down and write. Writing is something I've never really been too fond of and I don't honestly think I'm that good at it. Right now I'm doing an online "business for creatives" class that teaches you how to take your art/business to the next level. It's called Level Up, and it's by Caylee Grey, and I really love it. ANYWAY, lesson one (#1... the VERY FIRST LESSON right out of the gate) is about writing.

Wouldn't you know it?

Write your story. The story of me. My story as an artist and business owner. 

Whatever... I guess writing IS pretty important...



I wanted to give y'all a bit of an update on all things "me"... What's been happening in the world of Laura Murray Creative! Well for starters, I'm working on a 100 day project of little 4" line drawings. Some are things out of my head and some are everyday things like my dog sitting in her bed looking out the window. I'm sharing those images on my Instagram @alabama.pen.paper and I've created a specific hashtag if you want to look those up: #100daysof4x4drawings . I'm on day #29 right now and they're really making me happy (for the most part...  a few of those days I just wasn't feeling creative and I struggled... I see you, Day 22 and Day 24). Here are a few of those images to whet your appetite: 

Last week I had the honor of being the guest artist at the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art in Auburn at their Family Art Day, and it was a BLAST! We made our own "Amazing Alabama" travel journals. The little books included a fun colored front and back cover, a county map of Alabama, some plain pages, some graph paper pages (because who DOESN'T love to draw on graph paper?), and we stitched it all together using a VERY simple version of the Japanese stab-binding technique. This is a very detailed version of our binding.

Here are a few photos from the event: 

The 4th photo from the left I'm with my friend, the fabulous artist Lauren, who owns The Local Market in Auburn. LOVE her!

Another thing I've been working on is my garden... finally. I'm super excited about the things I've got growing this year. I planted 3 different types of tomatoes (1 large slicing tomato, one heirloom grape tomato, and one yellow cherry tomato - my FAVORITE), bush peas, vine peas, sweet potatoes, romaine (because why not - I MISS eating salad), mesclun, chives, basil, rosemary (my plant didn't fare too well over the winter), heirloom carrots, radishes, and spinach.  I don't have a HUGE garden, but I only planted small amounts of everything. My biggest issue with our garden is that we don't have FULL SUN ALL DAY. It's full sun for a few hours, then dappled sun the rest of the day. Surprisingly tomatoes and peas work pretty well back there - I'm just waiting to see about the other stuff... 

All-in-all, I'm keeping busy. Between drawing and the yard and the garden and cleaning house and working on a few new projects (more on that later) and end of school tests and recitals and stuff, I'm ready for summer.

Are you?

This is just a fun little spread I've been working on in my art journal...

This is just a fun little spread I've been working on in my art journal...


I have always romanticized painting en plein air. Know what that is? 

The official definition is "pertaining to a manner or style of painting developed chiefly in France in the mid-19th century, characterized by the representation of the luminous effects of natural light and atmosphere as contrasted with the artificial light and absence of the sense of air or atmosphere associated with paintings produced in the studio."

In layman's terms, painting "en plein air" means painting outside - what is right in front of you. The term was coined in the late 1800's during the impressionist movement in France by the likes of VanGogh, Renoir, Monet, Cézanne, Rosseau, and so many more. Monet famously painted hundreds of different views of his garden at his home in Giverny, and recently, art conservators even found a dead grasshopper embedded in the brush strokes of one of VanGogh's paintings.

Painting en plein air is something i love to do, but it's a luxury I really don't make time for. 

That's why I REALLY want to go to an artist retreat. A quiet picturesque place where I can bring all my art supplies and just paint or draw. Like this place in Virginia. It sounds just luxurious and LOOK at the photo gallery! How can you NOT be relaxed and creative in a place like this? You can take any kind of classes you want (painting, printmaking, drawing, etc.) and you have plenty of free time to just sit outside in the gorgeous "plein air" and get creative. 

I hear what you're thinking - why can't I just set aside a weekend around home to sit outside and paint? I could... and I probably will one weekend soon... but it's different. If I'm at home I'm distracted by the dishwasher and tv and phone and kids and cooking and laundry and a billion  other things I SHOULD be doing.  

So for now, I guess I'll see about buying myself a travel easel and supply box like this or this or even this

Let's talk about color...

What are your favorite art materials for coloring?
— the #1 question I get asked when I am talking to groups about my book

I think it goes without saying that crayons have had their day. Everyone has picked up a crayon at some point in their life and most of us remember the smell with fondness. Today I usually chose something other than crayons, but I'm not saying I don't ever use them (ok, I honestly can't tell you the last time I've picked up a crayon). Since the sharpened tip gets worn down so fast on crayons, they are really only good for coloring right out of the brand new box (unless you get one of those huge delux boxes that has the little sharpener on the back), or coloring large things - like the sky, the background, etc. Crayons are also wax-base, so there's no mixing them with other materials. The wax resists ANYTHING water based (markers, pens, etc.). 

Speaking of water based markers and pens, that brings me to one of the coloring implements I can't do without - Crayola Supertips. You can buy a set of 50 of these at Back-To-School time for about $3, or you can click on this link to order them on Amazon. I love these because they're cheap, they come in TONS of colors, they don't bleed through (most) paper, and they have this neat thick/thin tip so you can practice calligraphy (crayligraphy) with them. 

Another ink-based product that I REALLY like is a nice set of fine tip pens. My FAVORITE set is the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners (link here), but the more inexpensive Paper Mate Flair Pens (link here) work well too. They both come in oooooodles of great colors and are PERFECT for writing or coloring in those tiny hard-to-reach spaces. You can find these at Target or WalMart (as well as Amazon) and the prices are going to be comparable. 

But I would be remiss without mentioning (in depth) my favorite thing to color with - Prismacolor colored pencils. I bought my first set in 1997 when they were on my supplies list in college (fine arts classes) and I've never looked back. I have since bought several sets over the years to supplement my old ones (as I wear them out), but some of the originals are still around. Prismacolors are the best because they're professional grade and the lead (it's not actually "lead", but that's what I'm going to call i) has more pigment and less filler, so the color is richer and brighter. They can be layered, mixed, smudged, and you can draw over them with your fine tip pens (or markers) since they're not totally waxy (think: crayons). Now, you can use Crayola brand colored pencils if that's what you have - there's no requirement for buying the super fancy colored pencils. What I AM telling you though, is that once you use the good ones, you can totally tell the difference in the quality and the way they feel. My kids are completely spoiled and have to have to use my pencils when they have school projects... In their eyes - all others are inferior!

One drawback is that these pencils are quite a bit more expensive than the generic or Crayola version. A tin of 72 Prismacolor colored pencils will set you back around $80 if you buy them in a Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but you can get the EXACT same thing on Amazon (this link) for under $25! 

When you have your pencils, pens, markers and coloring book (hopefully you're coloring in my new book, Amazing Alabama) all laid out and ready to color, please HUMOR ME and remember these 5 simple rules:

1) PRACTICE! Coloring is like learning and instrument or playing sports - if you don't practice, you're never going to get any better at it!
2) GO SLOW! It's not a race. You don't have to finish the entire coloring book in 2 hours. Really take your time and build/blend your colors to get a really nice effect... without destroying the tips of your freshly sharpened pencils!
3) Keep your pencils sharp and re-cap your markers/felt tip pens. Coloring with sharp pencils gives you more control over where you add the color, and re-capping your pens should be a no-brainer! All the water-based pens/markers that we are using are going to dry out if left uncapped. Protect your assets and make sure your caps are securely fastened!
4) Always, always, ALWAYS test your ink first! I included a tester page in the front of my coloring book, but if the book you're using doesn't have one, just flip to the back page to test your markers. You need top make sure you're only coloring the image you intended to color - and not the page below (bleed-through). 
5) You don't always have to follow the rules. Coloring is about experimenting and trying new things, so have fun and get CREATIVE!

Thankful for November...

If you've been following me on Instagram (@alabama.pen.paper) or on Facebook (Alabama Pen & Paper), you will see that I've been trying to get in the Christmas spirit while listening to carols and drawing up some new Christmas designs for cards, stickers, gift tags, etc. But today I realized that I'm completely overlooking the best holiday of the year - Thanksgiving! 

So to celebrate (and ask the Thanksgiving turkey-gods their forgiveness) - I've created this sweet little FREE Thanksgiving download. Click the image below to download a PDF file and have a super great time coloring! 

From one artist to another...

I really don't have the words to describe New York. We walked over 45 miles in the 6 days we were there, saw some incredible artwork (more on that in a bit), ate some FABULOUS food, saw some quintessentially "New York" neighborhoods, rode in a yellow taxi, the subway, AND a taxi boat, saw 2 Broadway plays (one of which was actually in the "Broadway Theater"), ordered food from a street cart, got honked at while crossing the street... and that's just the tip of the iceberg! 

Now, being an artist and reading books about art and artists, and studying art and artists, we HAD to hit a few art museums while we were there. We didn't get a chance to go in the Guggenheim - even though we took a picture of it (from the street), but we did go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the MET) and the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and between the 2, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! 

Saturday we went to the MET and we ended up staying 7+ hours and totally closing them down. We were seriously some of the last people in the building and we didn't even see half of everything. From Matisse to Van Gogh (we saw the sunflowers, the cypress, and his SELF PORTRAIT) to Cezanne to Monet, this museum was right up my alley.  When you think it couldn't possibly get any more incredible, we even got to see a Leonardo Da Vinci (I was so in-awe that I didn't get a picture. Sorry.)! Steve was even surprised to find that the MET is the home of Emanuel Gottlieb Leutz' painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware. I must admit, it's a bit surprising to round a corner and see this larger than life (seriously - at least 20 ft wide) painting that you've read about and studied your entire life! It's exhilarating and awe-inspiring, to say the least. 

Wednesday we were flying out at 4:15, so we decided to walk to MOMA before heading to the airport. Once again, I was ASTONISHED by the paintings that are there... Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Dali, etc. Some of these works were the ACTUAL works that I studied in Art History 101... I definitely had my little freak-out moment when I got to see The Starry Night... 

There were a TON of Picasso paintings at MOMA, but I honestly think I blacked-out from excitement. When I came to, with tears on my cheeks, I was a bit disappointed that this was the only Picasso I managed to take a photo of.

Oh well, I've got them all in my memories.

A little partisan debate...

Fall brings with it some wonderful things - October, my birthday, falling leaves, cooler weather, pumpkins, mums, scarves, boots and candy corn. My life is better in the fall when I can easily get my hands on these delicious little orange/yellow/white beauties. In fact, my husband and I have a serious love affair with candy corn mixed with peanuts. Anyway, I resisted as long as I could, but the other day I broke down at Kroger and bought several bags of candy corn and a jar of roasted peanuts. Oh RAPTURE!

Let's count the positives about these beauties:
1) They're like this heavenly miniature bite of Payday candy bars.
2) They look adorable in a little jar on the counter.
3) I don't care to hear any negatives... they're perfect!

That's a jar full of happiness.

The other night I fell asleep on the sofa and Steve, in glorious rapture at being left alone with the blessed jar of candy corns and peanuts, posted something on facebook about them and a very partisan debate ensued. I am extremely shocked and hurt by all the negativity surrounding candy corns. Seriously, what's wrong with people? I don't need that kind of negativity in my life, people!

Candy Corn + Peanuts = Angels singing from above! 

To show my love and support, I am offering another FREEBIE to download and color. Click on the image to download.

Any and all donations to the cause can be made in the form of more candy corns and peanuts (they've got to be roasted)... just shoot me an email and I'll be happy to tell you where to drop them off! 

Happy October!

We live in Alabama, so our 4 seasons aren't as defined as the rest of the country (read: it's shorts-weather for about 8 months out of the year). It's October and the high this week is in the 80's. That doesn't mean I can't LOVE October. Not only is it my birthday month (I'll be the BIG 40 this year), but I get to enjoy things like plaid scarves and hot cocoa and fire pits and falling leaves and pumpkins and boots...

It's been a bit breezy and the humidity has been relatively low the past 2 days, so I wanted to celebrate this special time of year by giving you a free coloring sheet download. 

click the image for a download link:

click the image for a download link:

I might look like an idiot wearing my blanket scarf and jeans this week, but it's October, so I'm just going to crank down the AC and enjoy myself!

Happy Fall, y'all!

a little coloring - food for the soul

There's something cathartic about sitting down with a box of colored pencils to color. Not only does coloring relax the soul, but it's really a wonderful experience to see something come to life on the page in front of you. 


Something different altogether is coloring with a child. I wouldn't say that coloring with my 11 year old is exactly RELAXING. Yes, she may ask 50 questions per minute about what color I'm using, or what shade of blue she should use here, or how she should blend this section, but it's definitely a sweet bonding experience.

Last Saturday she woke up and asked me for her very own copy of Amazing Alabama so we could color together. 

Cue the waterworks...


So for a large portion of the morning last Saturday, she and I sat on the back porch using my "good colored pencils" and coloring... together... talking... spending time together.



It's always nice to find a community of like-minded people. In my case, being a work-from-home freelance designer, it's something I've been craving! A creative space with other creatives. Artists and artisans to share ideas with and sell our craft. 

On June 1, 2017, my dream came true.

Welcome to The Local Market in Auburn, AL! Owner and fellow artist, Lauren Duncan, had the same dream I had when she breathed life into this wonderful gallery/marketplace. It's an incredible space filled with artwork, handmade jewelry, clothing, woodwork, pottery, local yarn, farm fresh produce, pickles, paper goods - you name it! All of it is from artists around the great state of Alabama. 

All of us commit to work several hours here-and-there, and it's really fun to see what's new. The Local Market has been a great way to make new friends and learn about other people's craft. 

The Local Market has classes that range from after school painting classes to morning art classes for tots to beginning watercolor to floral arranging, pickle canning, travel journaling, and so much more. There is really something for everyone - beginner to seasoned artist.Last Saturday we had a free coloring party with a custom coloring sheet I did of the Local Market. It was SUCH a great time!

Here is a little of what I have for sale at The Local Market. On November 1, we're having an after school Amazing Alabama book launch party and signing - with lemonade and cookies. I hope to see everyone there! 

Pretty big day...

Well, yesterday was a pretty big day around this house. Yesterday I had my very first interview. A reporter for the Alabama News Center came to the house and interviewed me in my studio about my book, Amazing Alabama!  


She got to the house, set up her camera, put the wireless mic on me, then started asking questions about the book. I thought I was going to be nervous, but once I got to talking, I forgot about the fact that I was ON CAMERA!


In retrospect, I probably should've moved my glass of tea before the interview. Thankfully she said she didn't get much of my desk in the shot. 

The interview should be online by the end of June, so I'll post a link when it's LIVE! EEEEK!

Paper selection...

On Tuesday Maggie and I drove to New South Books in Montgomery to chose and approve paper samples for Amazing Alabama. We came armed with crayola markers, Sharpies, watercolor, gel pens, fine tip felt pens, and a few others mixed in there too. After thoroughly putting that paper through the wringer, we settled on the best choice... just no Sharpies (they have a really high alcohol content and bleed really bad). This was the last piece before my book goes into production. EEEEK! 

That's Chynna (the Graphic Designer in charge of my book), me and Maggie trying our best to destroy some AWESOME paper!

After leaving New South Books, Maggie and I did a little bit of sight-seeing in downtown Montgomery. We went to see the fountain and the clock, and finished up our day at the Rosa Parks Museum.