amazing georgia


I was inspired to create my first coloring book, Amazing Alabama, after moving to the state several years ago. It was such a fun project that I decided to create a companion book on my native state, Georgia. Amazing Georgia: A Coloring Book Journey Through Georgia's 159 Counties gave me just the excuse I needed to re-explore my home state with the eyes of an artist, traveling from mountains to cities and small towns, visiting coastal neighborhoods and farming communities and the many picturesque places in between with pen and sketchbook in hand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed driving around Georgia, researching to find just the right image(s) for each county, and meeting all sorts of great people along the way. Each one of our 159 counties has something special to color in my book. Amazing Georgia is full of drawings about each of our counties’ architecture, topography, famous residents, plants, livestock, etc. - all wrapped up with a little bit of history! 

ISBN 978-1-58838-398-3 Published by NewSouth Books.


amazing alabama

Amazing Alabama: A Coloring Book Journey Through Alabama's 67 Counties started in May of 2016 when I realized there wasn't a coloring book about the state I was living in. I reached out to NewSouth Books in Montgomery with a layout, some sketches and a few ideas, and the rest is history! Each one of Alabama's 67 counties has its own individual page - full of drawings (about their history, architecture, topography, fun roadside attractions, plants, livestock, etc.) and a little bit about the history of the county.

ISBN 978-1-58838-339-6 Published by NewSouth Books.