A few outtakes

I recently had to have some headshots done, and while going through the mountains of photos, I found these gems... 

I always feel awkward having pictures made of myself. Thankfully a good friend of mine took was the photographer, so she had a good time laughing at all the faces I was making. There are definitely more that are even WORSE than these 4... but sometimes it's just best to laugh at yourself. 


Another thing I noticed while looking through the photos was that Kellie must've walked around the house taking pictures while I was fixing my hair. 

These are absolutely my favorite shoes. They really go with everything: short, jeans, dresses...

I've obviously been doing quite a bit of research on Alabama lately... not to mention my husband is a historian.

She even found my impressive washi tape collection... Why keep it in a drawer when you can display it in a glass vase?!