One thing I love to do is write fun titles on everything. Whether it's for my kids' school projects, or my journal/calendar, or our weekly menu, or on to do lists... I just like to make things LOOK special. If it's pretty, I'm more likely to look at it or pay attention to it. Those of you who know me know about my colorful bullet journal/calendar. It just makes me happy to open it up and have all these colors and fun stuff staring back at me. 

Anyway, I wanted to give you a quick rundown of how I make one of my fun titles. This is my favorite way to create them and it's super easy. I'm not using anything you can't get at Target or Walmart. Since today is the first day of March, we're going to letter the word "March" in a fun spring green.


After I get the word written with my super fancy CRAYOLA MARKERS (heehee), I'm going to go over it with a quick outline. In this instance I'm using a professional drafting pen, but any felt tip or gel pen will work. 


So far, so good... right? Next I'm going to take a light grey marker and create a slight drop-shadow on the letters. I like my drop shadows to be to the bottom right (personal preference).


At this point you COULD be finished. Or you could add a bit of a white highlight to the letters (like I did) with a white gel pen. It NEEDS to be a gel pen because they sit up on top of the paper and whatever else pen/marker/color you have below it. 


There you have it! A nice bold fun header for whatever you're working on! 

If you try this technique, shoot me an email or tag me on IG at #alabama.pen.paper !!!