Sunny Summertime

Is there anything (other than maybe the beach) that says "summer" more than sunny sunflowers? How bright and beautiful they are. You usually think of flowers as being dainty, but not sunflowers.... some of those stalks are incredibly THICK...  they're just sturdy flowers. 

These girls had so much fun running around in the larger-than-life flowers while I took countless photos. There are plenty to choose from too - they were smiling so big that there isn't a bad picture in the bunch!


And bees LOVE THEM too! There were THOUSANDS of big fat beed buzzing around trying to suck out all the nectar. We didn't bother them and they left us alone too - they were more interested in their meal!

I was so inspired by the sunflower patch that I came straight home and drew one of the dinner plate-sized flowers for my #100daysof4x4drawings !!

Untitled_Artwork 3.JPG