Friday Favorites

I think I’m going to use this post to share a few of the things I’ve found lately that I REALLY LOVE! Some news stories, cool tutorials and things I WANT to make, a few things I need (read: want), and a few books.

First up, news stories. So these may not be actual “news”, but they’re pretty cool to me and I just thought I’d share.

This article is about Stan Herd, an artist in Minnesota, who actually created a massive Van Gogh panting in a field out of earth and plants. This isn’t the first piece of living art he’s created either. Go check out his website to see more of his stunning and unusual artwork.

Reading a good book is something I’ve always taken for granted... check out this cool YouTube video from Getty on how illuminated manuscripts (books) were made in medieval times.

Ok, on to the tutorials. I’m not posting photos to maintain the privacy of the original posters, but the links are embedded in here so you can go check them out on your own.

  • I REALLY want to make one of these linen aprons. I need one for speaking engagements where art (read: PAINT) is involved, but also I just like the way they look!

  • I also REALLY want to make my own rag rug. This tutorial uses a huge crochet hook, but I’ve also seen them where they’re braided and sewn. Not sure which one would be easier or sturdier, but I’d like to make one all the same. A rag rug would look super cute in my kitchen or on the back porch.

  • Along the same lines as the rag rug, I ALSO want to make one (or 13) of these adorable rope buckets. How easy does this look! These would be GREAT in the bathroom or my art studio or even in the kitchen! SO CUTE!

  • Ok, who DOESNT need one of these little car trash bags? I know I do! I don’t care what time of day or night it is… if my kids get in the car, they’re going to either drop trash on the floor or cram it in the cupholders or handles on the doors. #thestruggleisreal folks!

Am I the only one sensing a theme here? Can you tell what I’m longing to do in my free time (all 5 minutes of it)? SEW and work with fabric. My good friend Beth needs to come over so we can have a sewing/fabric craft girls weekend soon…

This book is the newest in my “girl power” collection of illustrated kids books and I LOVE IT! The timing of this new book by Kirsten Gillibrand is perfect. Next year in August of 2020, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment. On November 2 of 1920, millions of women women across the United States were allowed to vote for the first time.

I also absolutely ADORE this book about women in science. Not only is the subject matter incredibly interesting, but the artwork is stunning. This book is #illustrationgoals for me!

I really think our kitty needs one of these. Most of the cat hammocks you find suction cup to the window, but I want one for when the windows are open. She likes to look out the screen and listen to the birds. I think this one would work for that.

I also really want one of these. It’s an essential oil diffuser that looks like a CANDLE! So neat!

And I’m going to end with this wonderful piece of wisdom…