Where have you been all my life?

HOLY COW I just had a life changing experience! This isn’t really art-related, but have y’all ever heard of Tajin spice/seasoning? It’s this super yummy mildly spicy sour Mexican seasoning. I’ve seen it in the store, but I’ve never bought any until I read this article.

I LOVE melons - watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew… I love them all! Nothing tastes quite as delicious on a hot summer day as a plate full of lovely sweet juicy melon chunks. Seriously - in the summer we always have a watermelon and/or a cantaloupe in the fridge - cut up and ready to eat.


My PawPaw used to grow the most incredible cantaloupes in their backyard. He had a wonderful garden of ever-rotating crops, but the cantaloupes are what I remember the most (wonder why?). They were always sugary sweet and upon splitting one in half, he would scoop vanilla ice cream into his half and Granny would put pepper on her half.


Here’s a photo of my Paw Paw and Granny doing one of their favorite things in the world - sitting in the food court at the mall watching people. There’s a lot of denim in that photo…..

Anyway, last week when we were in the mountains, Steve and I had the most gorgeously sweet cantaloupe, so when I went grocery shopping the other day he suggested we get another one - Yes, please! Well, I just cut into that beautiful fruit and I have to admit - I was completely disappointed! The cantaloupe isn’t sweet AT ALL! In fact, if you close your eyes, it doesn’t even really taste much like a cantaloupe!

Then I remembered this article I read recently about how to sweeten up a melon. I had a friend tell me to put some fresh whipped cream on it (but I didn’t have any cream to whip). But I decided to try one of the tricks suggested by FOOD52 and let me just tell you… Tajin is the WAY TO GO!


This may be my new favorite way to eat cantaloupe - sweet or not! SO GOOD!


How many plates of melon-with-Tajin is acceptable to eat in one day? I mean, I might go back for another plate…