Awkward phase

Everybody has a dorky phase. Everyone. Some people get over theirs when they're little, some are teenagers, some are 30, and some (like me) have super awkward dorky phase that lasts from about age 7 all the way 'til they're out of college. I mean, it was the 80's... being dorky was cool, right? 

Come on...don't leave me hanging over here...

Whatever... I'm saying I win. 

Anyway, a few weeks ago I posted 20 random non-artsy facts about myself and fact #8 was about my favorite stuffed animal growing up - Goat Boy. Since NOBODY asked, I thought I'd share a bit more about him. I got Goat Boy at Carowinds in Charlotte when my dad's company went there for their company picnic one year. We usually went to a park and had an ACTUAL picnic and played games (egg toss, sack races, bingo, etc.), but this year we went to an amusement park. Dad told me when we got there that he would buy me one thing and to make sure I made the right choice, I waited until the very end of the day to choose. We were literally walking out of the park and Dad said, "If you don't choose something NOW, we're leaving!" I looked up and the heavens parted (literally - Goat Boy was hanging from the ceiling at this little toy hut) and I said, "I want that one" and pointed to my new best friend. There have been debates over the years if Goat Boy is in fact a goat or a deer or a llama... but I know the truth. He's CLEARLY a goat (and a very handsome one, if I might add)!


This picture of me with Goat Boy is from about 1985-or-so. I'm not sure why Goat Boy is wearing clothes in this picture... maybe they're pajamas. He normally chose to wear only his birthday suit and I'm ok with that because he is a GOAT. For that matter, what am I wearing? I hope to goodness it's some sort of pajamas or gown... or maybe it's a robe. 

I still have Goat Boy, although I'm not sure where he is. But you wanna know what else I still have too? The airbrush t-shirt I had made in Gatlinburg, Tennessee with Goat Boy's portrait on the front. Wait, what? Why yes, I did say, "Airbrush"... everyone had a shirt with their favorite stuffed animal on the front, didn't they?


I was talking to my husband the other day about Goat Boy and our secret language (Shut Up!!... I was an only child, ok?) and he brought up something about my wonderfully realistic airbrush portrait of Goat Boy... Can you IMAGINE what the artist thought? Good grief... what a DORK I was!!! I mean, she did a GREAT job on the representation, but can you imagine what she was thinking as Goat Boy was sitting for his portrait? 

Well, my parents thought I was cool...

At least I THINK they did....